Tobacco and Nutrients

Flue-cured Virginia Tobacco is an important cash crop in East Africa. The way to improve the economics is to increase yield and grow high quality tobacco leaves, which market requires.

  • Nitrogen is in the form of nitrate as well as ammonium. It supports vigorous initial growth and steady plant development.
  • Phosphorous is applied in a highly plant-available form – vital for a healthy root system.
  •  A high content of potassium ensures a good leaf quality with high amount of sugars important for taste.
  • Sulphur improves Nitrogen efficiency, as well as general plant health and growth.
  • Micronutrient boron is balancing the natural supply.

We supply different tobacco formulations like:

  • NPK 10-24-20+6S+0,1B
  • NPK 10-18-24+7S+MgO+CaO+B
  • NPK 14-14-20+6S+MgO+B
  • NPK 8-18-15+6S+B

Amount of trace elements are adjusted to meet local requirements. Also, Chloride (Cl) content can be adjusted by using SOP and MOP as a raw material for Potassium (K20).

SOP contains K2O and S, and MOP in turn K2O and Cl. If you want to to see how these three nutrients vary when source from K2O is altered from 100 % SOP and 0 % MOP to 0 % SOP and 100 % MOP in a formulation like 14-14-20, have a look at the Nutrient content table.

Click the picture to view larger image.

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